How To Apply Eyeliner Properly

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There’s a couple of how to apply eyeliner. That being said, irrespective of whether or not we are speaking about a way to use liquid eyeliner, the way to examine pencil eyeliner, or a way to use gel eyeliner there are a few hard and speedy policies which are universally relevant. No eye pulling, heavy lower-lining, or applying when you’re in a hurry. The ultimate of those generally ends rather. Maximum special eyeliner transgressions are without trouble forgiven—if not as plenty as personal discretion. As for simply the manner you cross approximately getting the precise diffused line that every widens and brightens eyes? Nicely, this is based totally typically to your eye shape. As soon as you have nailed down the right eyeliner method on your eye shape (extra on that right here), allow us to function your publications on the adventure to perfecting your lash-line look.

A Step-through-Step manual

Eyeliner is a makeup essential that has the strength to elevate any appearance, along with depth, definition, and charm in your eyes. However studying the artwork of eyeliner software program may be daunting, mainly for novices. Fear now not! In this complete manual, we are able to walk you thru every step of the method, from choosing the proper eyeliner to attaining ideal consequences.

1. Acquire Your equipment:

Earlier than you begin, make sure you’ve got all the crucial equipment accessible:

  • Eyeliner (pick out from pencils, gels, beverages, or powders, relying on your preference and the advent you need to advantage.)
  • Make-up remover (For short smooth-usaand corrections.)
  • Q-guidelines or cotton swabs (To aggregate and smudge the lining, if desired.)

2. Prep Your Lids:

Begin through the usage of prepping your eyelids to make sure a clean and lengthy-lasting utility:

  • Cleanse your eyelids to cast off any dirt, oil, or leftover make-up.
  • follow an eyeshadow primer to create a easy canvas and assist the eyeliner adhere better.

3. Pick out Your style:

Determine on the form of eyeliner appearance you need to create:

  • traditional: a skinny, particular line along the top lash line.
  • Winged: A bold, winged-out flick at the outer nook of the attention.
  • Smoky: A gentle, smudged line for a sultry, lived-in effect.

4. Begin with Small Strokes:

For novices, it is awesome to begin with small strokes and gradually increase the depth:

  • keep the eyeliner pencil or brush at a comfortable perspective, near the lash line.
  •  Use quick, mild strokes to create a clean and even line alongside the upper lash line.
  • If the usage of liquid liner, begin from the inner nook and paintings your way outward, staying as near the lash line as feasible.

5. Create Your Wing (optionally available):


If you’re going for a winged eyeliner look, observe these steps:

  • Use a pencil or tape to mark the favored angle and period of the wing.
  • Draw a line from the outer corner of your eye to the top of the wing, developing a triangle.
  •  Fill in the triangle and join it to the relaxation of your eyeliner for a unbroken end.

6. Smudge and blend (elective):

For a softer, extra diffused appearance, use a brush or your fingertip to smudge and mix the eyeliner:

  • gently smudge the lining along the lash line the usage of small, round motions.
  • mixture upwards and outwards for a smoky impact, or maintain it near the lash line for a diffused smudge.

7. Easy Up Any errors:

Don’t worry if you make a mistake—fixing it is straightforward:

  • Dip a Q-tip or small brush in make-up remover and thoroughly erase any smudges or choppy traces.
  • Use a concealer or foundation to smooth up and sharpen the rims for a polished give up.

8. End with Mascara:

Entire your look through making use of mascara to characteristic quantity, length, and drama on your lashes.

With those step-by means of-step instructions, you may be making use of eyeliner like a seasoned very quickly. So grasp your preferred liner and get ready to unharness your internal makeup artist!

The way to use eyeliner

Apply eyeliner
Apply eyeliner

Making use of eyeliner – beginning with a pencil

To apply your pencil liner, begin by using drawing a line from the internal corner of your eye to the outer nook. Then, observe the pencil in small mild strokes to fill inside the spaces which is probably left. This is probably one of the satisfactory methods to make easy eye makeup with how to apply eyeliner.

As soon as you’ve got got a sturdy line, you could start to create your wing. To do this, really amplify the road outward and upward at a 45-diploma angle. When you are glad with your wing, it’s time to move at once to the rest of your eyeliner.

You may also use a liquid liner for a extra captivating appearance. If you are using a liquid liner, start by using using drawing a small line from the inner nook of your eye to the outer nook. Then, slowly growth the road until you have got the popular thickness.

Layering your linings

You could also create a greater dramatic look through layering your linings.

To do that, begin with a pencil liner and then go over it with a liquid liner. This can give you the quality of both worlds—the precision of the pencil and the drama of the liquid.

Undergo in mind the lower lash line.

If you want to line your decrease lash line, use both a pencil or gel liner and draw a small line from the outer corner to the internal nook. Then observe it in small strokes and with a purpose to be all.

Connecting the Dashes

Select up wherein you left off and hint the liquid liner inward in quick dashes alongside the lash line. Stop just in advance than the internal nook. Then also follow it in small slight strokes to cowl gaps. As quickly as you have a stable line, you could begin to create your wing. In the long run, stroke it a few instances in a clean motion to aggregate the dashes or maybe out the road.

Clenching your toes

If you’re having hassle getting a consistent hand, strive clenching your ft at the identical time as you exercise your liner. This could help to stabilise your body and provide you with a hint greater manipulate. This technique continuously allows.

Flicking out, then connecting

Begin with the useful resource of drawing a small line from the internal nook of your eye to the outer corner. Then, use your brush to flick the liner outward and upward at a 45-degree perspective. As quickly as you have your wing, it’s time to attach it to the rest of the lining.
To do that, absolutely hint the lining inward in short dashes along the lash line. Stop simply earlier than the internal corner. In the end, stroke it a couple of times in a smooth motion to mixture the dashes and even out the road.

Cleansing up

Any errors? Don’t worry if you make a mistake! It’s easy to smooth up any mistakes with a Q-tip or cotton pad soaked in make-up remover. In reality dab the Cotton pad within the direction of the error and it will come proper off.


Tightlining is a technique that can be used to make your eyeliner look even extra dramatic. It entails lining the internal rim of your eye, which gives the phantasm of thicker, fuller lashes. To tight line, truly use a pencil or gel liner and draw a small line alongside the internal rim of your eye. Start from the outer corner and paintings your way in. As soon as you’ve got a sturdy line, you could begin to create your wing.

Onsetting your liner

If you want to make your eyeliner appearance even greater dramatic, you may attempt setting it. Onsetting is a way that entails utilizing your liner in small dots along the lash line and then connecting them with a brush.

To onset your liner, begin through using drawing small dots alongside the lash line from the outer nook to the internal nook. Then, use a broom to connect the dots and create a robust line.

Nude eyeliner appearance

For a extra herbal appearance, you may attempt the usage of nude how to apply eyeliner. To do this, actually line your lash line with a nude pencil or gel liner. Then, use a broom to aggregate the lining outward and upward to create a wing. In the end, stroke it a couple of instances in a clean motion to combo the dashes or even out the road.

Tailoring your technique

Now that you recognize the basics of how to apply eyeliner, you can start to tailor your method to create the advent you need. Whether or not you’re going for a herbal appearance or a few factor more dramatic, there are plenty of techniques to personalize your liner. So pass in advance and experiment till you find out the ideal method for you!

Expertise which eyeliner nice suits you

No longer all eyeliners are created equal. Awesome components will create computer graphics, so it’s miles important to realise which one is right for you. If you’re looking for a few element prolonged-lasting and clean to use, liquid liner is a superb choice. For a extra natural appearance, attempt using a pencil or gel liner nd how to apply eyeliner.

And in case you need to characteristic a few drama, try the usage of a nude how to apply eyeliner for tightlining.

The manner to cast off eyeliner

To do away with your eyeliner, simply use a makeup remover or purifier. We endorse the use of an oil-primarily based purifier for the excellent results. Without a doubt soak a cotton pad in the cleaner and gently wipe away your eyeliner. You could additionally use a water-evidence eye make-up remover if you have waterproof eyeliner.

In conclusion

Making use of eyeliner can seem daunting, but it would now not must be! With a piece practice, you will be capable of perfect your approach very quickly and you’ll be able to eliminate the question of a way to follow excellent eyeliner(s) for you or your clients.
Just recollect initially a small quantity of product and building up from there. And do now not be afraid to test till you locate the look it is right for you.

Now which you understand a way to follow eyeliner like a seasoned, positioned your new talents to the test and supply it a attempt! You would possibly simply marvel your self at how clean it’s far.

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Infographic: first-time users of clean eyeliner academic

Almost about making use of eyeliner nicely, it’s definitely the hands that need a chunk of exercise to get steady. And with sufficient exercising, the suitable liner appearance is without a doubt ability. So go on, get your guns out, and get to practicing. Check out the infographic underneath to look up the stairs real short!

first-time users of clean eyeliner academic
first-time users of clean eyeliner academic

Eyeliner is one of the circulate-to gear on your make-up. Regardless of the truth that you could had been the usage of it for a long time, it’s miles typically useful to be up-to-date with the trendy patterns and options to be had at the same time as utilizing this eye-defining product. Long beyond are the days while it was difficult to learn how to practice eyeliner to intensify your how to apply eyeliner for eyes. With only some simple tools in hand, nothing can prevent you from getting the high-quality out of your eyes and making them pop in all their glory. So, look at our tips above, and take into account to test with new patterns to keep anyone guessing!


1. What shade eyeliner should you operate for inexperienced eyes?

Pink is a complementary colour for green, so choose out solar sun shades which have purple undertones, which encompass purple (lavender or violet) and bronze. Attempt MAC Technakohl Eyeliner Kajal in image Concious.

2. Can you operate eyeliner as lipstick?

Sure, you may. You may use eyeliner pencils as lip colorings/lip pencils. For eg., Chromographic Pencils from MAC is a -in-one pencil.

Key Takeaways

  • If you are keen on dramatic eyes, gel liner is your friend.
  • For novices, pencil eyeliner is the go-to select as it is simple to cope with.
  • Keep in mind to prep your eyes with moisturizer and a make-up base.
  • Preserve in thoughts not to stretch your eyelid. Near your eyes and lightly observe the lining.

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