How To Get Eyelash Glue Off Without Any Damage


Fake eyelashes or falsies are the exceptional manner to make your eyes appear dramatic and large. At the identical time as making use of falsies is an artwork, taking them off may be cumbersome, especially while you do now not understand a manner to take eyelash glue off your lids. Further, the glue residue often sticks to the lash line after the clean-up.

Utilizing too much eyelash glue is a common mistake. It’s miles one motive the glue becomes clumpy and difficult to clean off, and the lashes seem faux. Also, rubbing difficult may additionally damage the lashes or scratch the eyelids. Don’t worry. We’ve got smooth tricks and hacks to help you keep away from such situations and take the eyelash glue off without problem and without any harm. Preserve reading to investigate extra.

12 incredible procedures To eliminate Eyelash Glue

procedures To eliminate Eyelash Glue
procedures To eliminate Eyelash Glue

Not maximum of these methods are excellent for all of us, so attempt them out as soon as earlier than training regularly. The manner you get your eyelash glue off is based upon on whether or not the glue is caught in your pores and skin or lashes. Permit’s test the easy and simple strategies to get rid of eyelash glue.

1. Baby oil

Baby oil is an top notch choice to eliminate eyelash glue because it will not hurt or damage your pores and pores and skin.


  • Dab a cotton ball with a few toddler oil.
  • Wipe the area spherical your eyes in which the glue was applied.
  • Rub the swab lightly along your lashes and the lash band.
  • Permit the oil to sit for two to 3 mins at the eyelid. However, ensure you do now not use extra oil, or it’s going to simply switch the glue out of your eyes to the cotton ball.
  • Pull the eyelashes off from the outer corner.
  • Reapply some child oil together with your fingers alongside your lashes to remove any residue glue.
  • Wipe away the greater oil from your eyelids and pores and pores and skin and wash your face.

2. Olive Oil

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Olive oil has several benefits, and using it for your eyelids to dispose of glue is simply one among them.


  • Located a few drops of olive oil on a cotton swab.
  • Dab the product onto your eyelid, in particular along the lash line.
  • Clutch the false lash extension with the useful resource of the outer corner and peel the strip away from your herbal lash.
  • Wipe off any excess oil and wash the area with cool water.

3. Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is a fantastic choice for removing eyelash glue brief and without problem. It’s also without difficulty to be had at any grocery store.

  • Dip a cotton swab tip into rubbing alcohol.
  • Rub it onto your eyelashes till the glue comes off.
  • Wash the area with cool water.

4. Remover for Eyelashes

What they sound like, products that help you get rid of eyelash glue, are called eyelash adhesive removers. They may be less costly and located at any drugstore.


  • Dab a cotton ball with a few drops of lash glue remover.
  • Gently press the cotton for your eyelashes and lash line. Allow it sit down for a few minutes.
  • Grip the fake lashes collectively together with your fingers and gently peel them far from the forehead.
  • Dip another cotton ball inside the eyelash extension remover and rub it along your eyelid to loosen any ultimate glue.
  • Use a makeup wipe to do away with the greater product and clean your skin.

5. Nail Polish Remover

Nail Polish Remover
Nail Polish Remover

The eyelash glue can be effectively removed with nail polish removers, and they practically work as quickly as using rubbing alcohol.


  • Put some nail paint remover on a cotton swab.
  • Observe it gently and punctiliously to your lashes. Do not positioned it immediately to your pores and pores and skin to avoid irritation and sensitivity.
  • Peel away the glue and fake eyelashes without rubbing.
  • Rinse your eyes at once with everyday water.

6. Hairspray

You may soften the eyelash adhesive with a hairspray. But, be cautious now not to overuse the product as it can sting your eyes or cause contamination.


  • Get a cotton swab moist with a few hairspray.
  • Maintain the swab in your lashes for 20-30 seconds.
  • Wait till the glue loosens and springs off on the cotton swab.

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7. Eye makeup Remover Wipes

Eye makeup Remover Wipes
Eye makeup Remover Wipes

Considering a way to get lash glue off with eye makeup remover wipes? If so, rubbing your eyelashes with properly makeup remover wipes for severa mins can assist bring down all traces of glue. However, do not forget to transport gentle and use as little strain as viable.

8. Observe Eye Cream Or An Oil-based totally totally Moisturizer

The application of eye cream or an oil-based absolutely moisturizer at the focused vicinity can help loosen the adhesive. Pull to your eyelids or lash line lightly whilst rubbing the moisturizer on the glue. This may provide more slack and make it simpler to dissolve the glue. Rinse your eye area with water to dispose of any leftover glue to your lashes.

9. Oil-primarily based makeup Remover

Oil-primarily based make-up removers are perfect for dissolving glue from false eyelashes. Pour a few oil-primarily based remover on a cotton swab or pad and gently rub on the glue till it peels off.

10. Eye Drops

Putting off faux eyelashes can get frustrating, but eye drops should make the way smooth and hassle-loose. Practice eye drops at the lashes and rubdown until the glue comes off. Rinse your eyes with bloodless water.

11. Steam Your Face

Steam Your Face
Steam Your Face

Wondering the way to take away eyelash glue with out ache? Try facial steaming, it can melt the glue and loosen it. Moist a easy wash towel with warm water and place it to your eyelids. The steam will assist melt your lashes. Gently wipe away the glue without pulling your natural lashes.

12. Guide removal

Nicely, if you want to recognize the way to get eyelash glue off after the entirety else fails, genuinely allow the glue dry and peel it off your self. This technique is top notch whilst your glue by chance receives to your underneath-eye area.

  • Allow the lash glue to dry and harden absolutely. If it has gotten for your under-eye place, make certain it has dried without a doubt before peeling.
  • Soak a cotton ball or Q-tip in toddler oil or coconut or olive oil and gently follow to the dried glue until it begins coming off.
  • Wash your face with soap and water.
  • Comply with up with a light-weight moisturizer.
  • But, in case you accidentally get eyelash glue into your eyes, don’t panic. Here’s what you may do.

What To Do If Eyelash Glue gets Into Your Eye?

Should eyelash glue get into your eye, you should take instantaneous motion to lower potential harm. Proper right here are some steps to follow:

  • Keep away from rubbing your eye, as this may exacerbate the infection.
  • Rinse the eye lightly with easy, lukewarm water for numerous mins to flush out the glue.
  • Dispose of your contact lenses, if any, after flushing the eye with water.
  • Keep away from forcibly casting off the glue with your fingers or any gadgets.
  • Are attempting to find medical interest promptly if the inflammation persists, worsens, or if you experience continual discomfort, redness, or changes in vision.
  • Workout caution when making use of eyelash glue once more. Make certain you keep away from its direct contact with the eye.

Infographic: 8 Hacks To do away with Eyelash Glue

An effective lash glue can also keep your false eyelashes in area, however it may motive frustration at the same time as it is time to do away with them. Getting rid of falsies can be a bothersome method that can harm your lashes and eyes. Thankfully, there are some effective strategies for doing away with them with out harming your eyes. Test out the infographic under for some smooth guidelines and tips.

8 Hacks To do away with Eyelash Glue
8 Hacks To do away with Eyelash Glue

Making use of false eyelashes will help make your eyes bigger and extra attractive. Even though they are easy to apply, getting rid of the falsies is regularly bulky. Eyelash glue is product of chemicals and solvents that may purpose infections, rashes, scabbing, or irritation if now not eliminated on time. Infant oil, eyelash extension glue remover, hairspray, oil-based totally completely moisturizer, eye drops, nail polish remover, alcohol, and so on., may also help you get eyelashes off with out causing any harm. Follow those guidelines to ensure your pores and skin is safe and there can be no glue residue after clean-up.

A few strategies referred to above can also moreover seem counterintuitive due to the reality they comprise using extraordinary chemical materials. But, you must remember the fact that those substances are a great deal much less harmful for your eyes than the glue itself. So, examine the stairs with precautions and do away with your cussed eyelash glue with care and patience.


1. Does micellar water cast off eyelash glue?

Yes. Anecdotal proof shows that the usage of micellar water with oil may be used as a lash adhesive remover.

2. Will Vaseline cast off eyelash glue?

Yes. Vaseline incorporates molecules in an effort to help break down the lash adhesive and maintain your lashes moisturized.

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