Witness the Magic: 10 Gorgeous Blue-Black Hair Looks


What kind of hair is blue-black?

Can’t you imagine what blue black hair dye looks like? Well, given the title, that’s about what you would anticipate. This ombre hair color combines shades of muted blue and ocean blue for an unobtrusive princess color. Cool-toned colors can appear almost dark in many lights and muted blue or ocean blue in others.

When you have straight hair, dark hair is not your thing, blue and gray are a way to add progress and glamor to your hair without choosing dark hair with highlights. In case you are fascinated by the famous blue ombre hair, blue and black are two prominent ways you can wear it to get this look.

Is having black and blue hair typical?

Is it basically possible for them to be favored and born with blue-black hair? Well, as distasteful as this may be, blue and black hair is not a common color. According to the National Success Foundation (NIH), hair color is chosen according to the full color (melanin) present within the hair. If your hair contains a large amount of a type of melanin called eumelanin, it is possible to have dark or brown hair, but neither type or other makes hair blue.

10 Best Blue Black Hair Colors

1. blue lights

Blue lights
Blue lights

The standard shades of navy and blue do not highlight the famous blue. The metatarsus tends to turn blue when light reflects off the hair. But this is unforgiving as some of the fantastic blue supplements cannot be incorporated. We are very impressed with this exceptional style.

2. Somber blue and black

Blue Black Hair Dye(Melancholy blue and black)
Somber Blue black hair dye

According to Kusserow, support levels depend on the porosity of the hair: “If the hair is more vulnerable, it is more likely to resist biting.” “To maintain your hair color as long as possible, I advise you to use the right hair care products. You should need it after a three to four week root treatment program, depending on your hair growth rate.

3. Two shades of blue

Two Tones Of Blue(blue black hair dye)
Two Tones Of Blue(blue black hair dye)

Two is better than one! Why one shade of blue when you can rock both? And let’s be honest, that light blue commerce reminds us of the ocean! Basically amazing!

4. Current hair mixed with blue

Dark and violet-blue hair
current hair mixed blue

Color combinations like e-blue don’t seem like anything to anyone. Try highlights if you have doubts that you are coloring everything too crudely.

5. Metallic blue and black


Metallic Blue And Black
Metallic Blue And Black

This exceptional hair color is one for the books. Metallic blue hair color looks elegant.

6. Blue Peekaboo Highlights

Peekaboo Blue
Peekaboo Blue

Peekaboo blue highlights are a chic and bold hair trend where vibrant blue tones subtly hide beneath the top layer of your hair, creating a mesmerizing effect when you comb or move your hair to reveal the shades.

7. Midnight blue and black

Midnight blue and black
Midnight blue and black

This blue-black hair color is very elegant. The color along with the layers create a stunning hairstyle.

8. Black and blue Bob

Blue-black Bob
Blue-black Bob

In the odd event that you do, you might be able to obtain night blue dark hair, therefore it’s crucial to consider whether you’ll have platinum brilliant hair.”

9.purple hair and blue

Blue hair with purple
Purple hair nd blue

Given how gorgeous blue and pompous look together, why not try them on your hair? This hairdo appears quite glamorous.

10. Cemented Blue Dark Hair

Cemented Blue Dim Hair(blue black hair dye)
Cemented Blue Dark Hair(blue black hair dye)

Blue dim hair color is elevated to a whole new level by the electric blue hue and the frosty, dismal color.

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Since a blue-black hair color can’t be expected to appear naturally, how can you achieve that look? Well, one option is to put your hair in the hands of a professional. A trained colorist will be able to bleach and brush on the color to achieve the tint you want. If you’re starting with a very dark base, you may need to lighten and even several coloring sessions to get the look you want, as the bluish tint may not adhere easily to your already dark color.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t create this trend. If you’re a pro in the DIY hair dye department, stock up on L’Oréal Paris Superior Preference Faded Shine Permanent Hair Dye in Deep Blue Black. This luxurious blue-black hair dye will leave your hair super shiny from roots to ends. Best of all, it can be used on all hair colors to create the ultimate blue-black color in the comfort of your home.

As we mentioned, you may need to lighten your hair before dying it to the perfect shade of black and blue. To do it at home, use a bleaching kit like L’Oréal Paris Colorista Bleach and follow the instructions on the box.

Infographic: 10 Best Blue Black Hair Colors

10 Best Blue Black Hair Colors
10 Best Blue Black Hair Colors


1. Is it difficult to maintain blue and black hair?

No, blue and black hair is one of the most manageable hair shades.Utilizing the proper products and adhering to a decent hair care routine will help you maintain nourished, glossy, and healthy hair.

2. What complementary styles or haircuts suit blue and black hair?

You can choose bobs, lobs, pixie cuts, layers, different bang styles, and braids to make sure your unique and stunning hair color gets the attention it deserves.

3. Does blue dye damage hair?

I grew my hair out for a few years and it was very healthy before I dyed it blue. After everything we did to try to get rid of it, my hair became a little thinner and definitely more damaged. Basically, hair conditioners and masks are your best friends.

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