How To Get Rid Of Static Hair: 11 Tips Your Hair Needs This Winter

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Hair goes haywire with static. However,get rid of static hair is unavoidable throughout this season. Your hair will become certainly dryer due to the less warm temps and gusty winds — now not to mention the artificial indoor warmness. Static is as a result of static strength and is the end result of an imbalance between negative and tremendous electric fees that increase at the surface of an item until they discover a manner to be discharged.

So say this imbalance of negative and wonderful costs increase to your sweater: any friction, together with brushing your hair or taking off your hat, can transfer those prices for your hair. Because objects with the same price (like your hair) repel every different, static is created and you’re left together with your least favored buddy, static hair. The cold climate exacerbates this because of the more iciness gear and drier strands, however hair static may be an trouble at any time of the 12 months.



Static hair is hair that’s taken on more electrons via contact with some other object like a broom, a sweater or a knit iciness hat.
These newly super-charged hair strands behave exactly the identical manner magnets do while have the same charge – they repel, and actually can’t get everywhere close to every different.

Pointless to say, whilst static energy turns your hair strands into wild wisps, madly flying out in all recommendations searching for to avoid every different, there is going your easy fashion.



So, what reasons static energy in hair? How does your hair pick out up extra electrons? Static hair is resulting from friction among your hair and some other item.

It can be a towel, your hairbrush, a blouse you pull over your head and the maximum not unusual perpetrator: the ones woven wooly hats we like!

The friction created whilst that other item rubs against your hair reasons electrons to transfer onto your hair, leaving it with an electric price.


Whilst there’s humidity (moisture) within the air electric expenses are absorbed into the surroundings and don’t transfer without problems. So summer season’s typically dewy, humid situations maintain static at bay.

But wintertime serves up the correct weather for developing staticky, fly-away hair. Cold, dry temperatures out of doors plus heat, dry air interior upload as much as arid conditions which can be ideal for causing get rid of static hair.

According to scientists, electrostatic exchanges between items happen when the humidity is 30% or decrease. For most people, that’s on bloodless, dry wintry days.

WHAT HAIR kinds GET STATIC strength?

Despite the fact that all hair kinds are vulnerable to static, finer hair is more at danger due to its lighter weight. All those child-first-class hairs are the primary to levitate up and faraway from your head while you pull off a hat.

Damaged, dry hair also selections up extra high quality fee as it lacks the moisture to repel electric powered fees. So if your hair is dehydrated, it’s certain to suffer from static fly-aways in bloodless weather.

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Static hair can appearance plenty like frizzy hair because the strands are unruly, wild, out of manage and gained’t live clean. But the bodily composition of frizzy hair is without a doubt very distinct. Frizzy hair has a raised outer cuticle layer that continues strands from aligning in a graceful, clean way. Electrically-charged static hair can show up to any hair type, whether the cuticle layer is flat and tight, or lifted up.
The coolest news? There’s one crucial similarity between irritating frizz and shocking static. And that is: the goods and hair hacks to prevent frizzy hair in warm, humid climate also can help you forestall static hair in bloodless, dry winter. In fact, the critical component to taming wild, fly-away hair that misbehaves in wintry weather…Or every time of 12 months…. Comes right down to analyzing the way to hold hair properly hydrated.

A way to forestall STATIC HAIR: suggestions & HACKS

From the situation of your hair to what you wear, there are lots of easy hints to prevent static hair and fly-aways. Allow’s begin with the critical merchandise to forestall hair static and the way to weave them into an easy winter hair care regime that static-proofs your hair.

1. Shampoo much less often


When you pass longer among shampoos, it we could your herbal hair oils do their task of evidently hydrating hair plus it’s less put on and tear in your hair.

The fine way to increase time between washes is to use a secure, sulphate-free shampoo system that rinses absolutely easy, leaves no residues, and supplies the most up to date hair and scalp feasible. The first-class shampoo for static is our colour safety Shampoo.

Now, you could run throughout advice to use a conditioning shampoo to prevent get rid of static hair. But for us at coloration Wow that’s a major no-no! Medical studies display that “moisturising shampoos” formulated with conditioning retailers do no longer rinse out, leaving components behind in your hair AND also in your scalp, which can motive infection and hair loss.


Yep, once you shampoo is the proper time to apply conditioner. And no longer for your scalp, however alongside the lengths of strands to the ends where hair is driest.

Conditioners virtually paintings to your hair like material softeners paintings in your laundry dryer to forestall static hang. They lubricate strands which means that less friction, so much less static.

BTW, our shade Wow conditioners additionally have effective heat safety too simply so they’re the number one line of defence in the direction of harsh blow-dryer heat.Locate the first-rate conditioner in your hair kind with our manual.

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3. Wrap hair in a cotton t-blouse

You could use a t-shirt to wick away moisture after shampooing. Why? Because rubbing your hair with a nubby, terry-material towel will rev up electricity. So cross low protection and allow a wrap help dry your hair. You’ll see reduced static (and much less frizz, too!)
Four. Use a weekly deep conditioning treatment to shield in opposition to static fees.

To save you static hair in wintry weather, celeb stylist Chris Appleton recommends a three-five minute deep hydrating remedy with money Masque.

Its terrific-rich method includes Sea Kelp and Algae which cross deep into hair, then assist entice and hold moisture.

5. Upload a leave-in hydrating system on your wintry weather hair care ordinary

Upload a leave-in hydrating system on your wintry weather hair care ordinary
Upload a leave-in hydrating system on your wintry weather hair care ordinary

Encouraged for all hair types, but crucial for dry, dehydrated hair: in case you want to stop static hair in wintry weather, it’s vital to load hair strands with all the moisture they can keep.

Coconut-Infused Dream Cocktail is the precise leave-in quencher for parched, thirsty hair PLUS it supplies effective thermal protection. Comb 1 / 4-sized amount thru moist hair and spot a massive distinction on your blow-dry effects!

7. Spend money on an ionic hair dryer

Wet hair is a focused mass of nice power (water has a fine rate). Conventional blow-dryers can upload to that rate and make hair staticky. But ionic dryers (called anti-static hair dryers) are engineered to emit poor ions that help neutralise this fee and supply smoother, frizz-unfastened and static-resistant results.

8.Pin static hair far from your face

Bobby pins are the multitaskers of the splendor tool international. In this situation, use them to prevent get rid of static hair from clinging to your face, so reduce your losses and pin returned the most bothersome hairs framing your face with a easy set of bobby pins.

9. Hydrate, smooth strands + neutralise static on-the-go together with a hair moisturising cream

So you pull off your hat at a party, and your hair is going airborne and berserk. The way to calm that flyaway fright-wig? One Minute Transformation! Long past viral on TikTok, this anti-frizz restoration is good for smoothing static hair in iciness anywhere you pass.

Immediately absorbed, non-greasy cream functions avocado oil (complete of critical fatty acids, minerals and antioxidants) which nourishes hair with moisture and helps smooth hair’s cuticle. No frizz, no fuzz, no fly-methods…No kidding!

10.Use a humidifier when you sleep

Add moisture to the air around you at the same time as you get your beauty sleep. Preserve a humidifier on your bed room and run it at night time to place moisture into the air, and your strands, get rid of static hair.

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11.And while doubtful: use water

In a pinch, locate your self a sink (or water fountain!) and easy your static-y strands down with water.

Infographic: Quick Tips To Get Rid of static hair

Quick Tips To Get Rid of static hair
Quick Tips To Get Rid of static hair


1. Is static hair bad?

At the same time as it isn’t always unhealthy, it is able to make your hair dry and brittle if no longer looked after.

2. Why does my frame have a lot static?

Human pores and skin, hair, wool, and glass can accumulate a static electric fee, in particular in dry and dehydrated environment. Carpets and socks can upload to the static energy.

Key Takeaways

  • Keep away from carrying synthetic, nylon, and polyester substances if your hair is susceptible to static. Change to cotton or silk clothing.
  • Use hair conditioner for the duration of winters, as dry and frizzy iciness hair is greater at risk of static electricity.
  • Spray the hairspray into a comb and drag it via your hair to maintain frizzy hair at bay, save you static electricity, and calmly distribute the product.
  • Use hydrating hair mask, shampoos, or serums with ingredients like coconut milk, avocado, banana, and shea butter to hold your hair moisturized.

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